Ever felt you can’t be arsed to train in the gym?

Some days you are going to hit the gym tired and a little fatigued (particularly if you’re on a shoot!)

Rubbish day at work, stress at home, kids not well, argument with partner.

You then get into the gym and the thought of even starting seems like a mountain to climb.

Or the idea of lifting a heavy weight seems like the last thing you would want to be doing right now.

Just get in and get moving!

Get the momentum going with your warm up and a few lighter sets, this is all about training the mind to become more resilient when times are tough and you would normal skip the gym!

Soon your numbers and weights start rocketing upwards and you feel amazing once more, plus you’ve coached the body and mind it CAN train when times are tough.

Get the next few days and next week’s gym sessions book in – even if you know it will be a challenge to get there, develop the resilience against excuses.



If you’ve ever questioned when the best time to train is….? Don’t worry about it.

The best time to train in the gym – is at a time where you will always do it.

Whether that’s morning, noon or evening, just chose a workout time that means you will always commit to and keep it consistent!

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