I only lost 0.9lbs this week! What do I do now?

Diet not been so good recently?

Had a boozy weekend?

Ate one too many treats the last few days?

Not trained in the gym as much as you should have done last week?

Get over it – it happens to us all.

We have to switch the mindset from MORE self-destruction this week..

To a new mindset of “I’m Back On It”

We all have little wobbles with nutrition and training as life will never be perfect.

Fat and weight loss is never linear, it will always have its ups and downs.

For example, the week before last I wasn’t perfect with my food & training yet lost 2.4lbs.

Last week I nailed my food and training but only lost 0.9lbs.

I do not panic and drop calories further or train more…

I will stick to the plan and GIVE IT TIME.

Next week it will most likely drop further again.

I find fat loss like dropping a stone in a pond….it takes time for the ripples to reach the edge of the pond.

Fat loss is the same, nailing your training and nutrition is dropping the stone – then a few weeks later you see the benefits.

So, this week, get over any recent mistakes you have made and move on. Get back to basics and see the results very shortly.


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