Evil Potatoes Making You Fat?

“I just need to look at a potato and I get fat…..!”

Ever thought it was the rice or potatoes in your diet that made you gain weight & body fat?

Yes, your weight loss may have stalled or you may have even put on weight when eating carbs such as rice & potatoes…

But just have a little think back to what else you were consuming at the time?!

Little snacks on biscuits, cakes, pizza, few beers, glasses of wine?

Yet – it was the potatoes that made you gain weight!

Get it!?!

Those potatoes or rice with your chicken & vegetables are not going to make you obese, get fat etc

In fact, rice and potatoes are actually very low in calories and I have at least 2 meals a day that includes either mash potatoes, baked potatoes, sweet potato chips, white rice, packet rice – even egg fried rice occasionally.

A fist sized portion of rice or potatoes will have no more than 200kcal of energy – compared to an average slice of pizza which has 285kcal.

Who honestly has just one slice of pizza though?!

The portion of rice or potatoes combined with protein & vegetables will be far more filling, energise you throughout the day, fuel your workout & make you look a lot better!

Stop blaming the rice & potatoes and maybe ditch the processed junk food instead!

Have a good weekend

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