Crush your cravings

Got a sweet tooth?

It’s the end of the week and the weekend boredom is setting in, it’s easy to grab a little sweet treat.

My cravings typically start once I have had a meal – I tend to want sweet stuff, mainly when I’m in a “dieting” phase.

A great way I deal with the cravings is to ask myself a quick question!

“Do I want it now or can I wait for a bit?

The answer usually is I can wait and then the craving always passes and I’m now in a bigger calorie deficit = quicker results.

I distract myself with jobs or tasks and have totally forgetting the craving.

If you do give in….its best to have better alternatives around.

Low calorie treats such as protein bar, low cal jelly, low cal popcorn to limit the damage of a sweet treat binge.

Get prepared this weekend and crush your cravings.


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