The Ultimate Fat Burning Skill

Our 1st 12 shoot of the year was finished on Saturday and the results blew us away – again!

Each shoot, the results seem to get even better.

Partly, I believe this is down to us working not just on nutrition on training because this has been the same formula for years.

What we have tried to focus on more – is people’s mindset!

What do all the people who have completed the shoot have in common?


Not all people who start the shoot complete it!

There are times when it gets tough and people have to take a side step and start again.

The people who are leaner and slimmer than they have ever been before, have developed a new stronger Self-Control & Discipline.

It easy to bounce from diet plan to diet plan, training program to training program…

It’s much harder to stick to ONE diet plan & training program for the long term.

Self-control with discipline is what is needed to be worked on, and that’s what the shoot can help you develop.

We know people on the shoot were not 100% perfect, but 90-95% of the time they were doing what they should have been doing – and that’s enough to get a drastic body shape change.

Your focus this week needs to turn from which is the best supplement, best ab exercise, best version of keto/paleo…

Instead – your focus should be;

  • hitting your daily calories or sticking to your meal plan,
  • training 3-4 times a week with weights,
  • drinking 2-3 litres of water a day,
  • sleeping 7-9 hours a night.

Self-control takes time and needs a little patience.

To keep you motivated as you build this ability, all lean people you see in magazines, Instagram, television have developed this crucial skill. They realised they won’t lose any body fat until they get better at it, your task now is to improve yours!

Have a “controlled & disciplined” week

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