Do you really want that Easter egg?

Or do you want a lean, defined, toned body?

If you want the latter keep reading….

Don’t let this Easter weekend be a total chocolate (or hot cross bun) blow out!

These are the moments & times when people who are lean are making the right decisions.

They don’t beat themselves up for eating chocolate – they make better plans instead.

Follow their successful “get lean” steps;

  • Don’t deprive, have a small bit of chocolate such as a few mini eggs, or tiny chocolate Easter egg.


  • Even better – swap Easter eggs for a few pieces of dark chocolate (70% cocoa plus)


  • Much better option – low calorie protein chocolate bar


  • Donate any Easter eggs you get (to someone you don’t like ha)


  • Be active – it’s warm and sunny get out & MOVE


  • Train at the gym if possible


  • Keep low calorie sweet alternatives to hand, low calorie jelly or popcorn

These are little tips that will get you through but there is one MAJOR tip that trumps all of them…

Sticking to your normal meal plan so you’re not tempted to grab the chocolate that’s everywhere around you.

Dead boring but it works!

  • 3 sit down healthy meals
  • Snacking on protein
  • Drinking 2-3 litres of water

The main point of Easter is not to stuff your face – but celebrate resurrection & life and being together with friends & family.

Have a lovely Easter

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