Are you training in the gym correctly?

People often worry about when, how and where to be training – overcomplicating things.

To clear one problem up….

The best time to train is at a time that you will always do it.

This could be morning, afternoon or evenings, just pick a time zone that you will keep your training sessions consistent.

How to train can also be simplified…..

Your focus in your sessions should always to be better than last time.

For a person who has just started weight training – you want to improve every session.

For a person who has little bit of training experience – you want to improve each week.

For a person who has trained for months & years – you want to be improving each month.

The way to be improving is using a method called PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD.

Each session you want to be executing more repetitions than you did last time, preferably with a heavier weight.

Not only will this make you fitter and stronger – it gets you outside of your comfort zone.

Being outside your comfort zone will get you a lean, toned & defined body faster.

This is because your body has to adapt to the stress from the training, this stress will always be there through increasing repetitions or weight. Compare that to going in the gym and doing the same exercises, weights & reps – which makes it easier for your body to adapt.

Take advantage of progressive overload in your sessions this week & smash your goals faster.


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