You’re Weight Training The Wrong Way If You….

Don’t See Results

If you’ve been weight training for a while and don’t see any changes in your body shape, then you have to be slightly concerned.

Most of the time – it’s the diet side of a transformation that is letting you down.

But todays blog is about the training side of a transformation, in particular weight training.

Weight training is used to build a better body shape as it sculpts the body whilst at the same time getting you fitter and stronger.

Yet, people go to the gym week after week and see very little, to no changes.

This is because they are forgetting one important aspect…


Weight training should be an intense & uncomfortable experience.

Remember your purpose is to disrupt homeostasis – not to mess around.

  • If you can have a 3-5 minutes rest in-between sets, then the time has to be reduced.


  • If you are lifting the same weights each week – up them!


  • If you complete the same number of reps each week – try to beat your last training session repetitions.

The body needs to be outside of its comport zone each and every training session. Why would your body change if it can handle the stress you put through it each session?

Really pushing the body to its upper limits forces it to be more efficient, a more efficient body is a leaner, stronger & fitter one. Which coincidentally, is the goal that everyone is training for in the gym.

So, in your next training session – you have to work hard and up the intensity. Then, give it a little time, patience will be your next friend on your transformation journey.


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