Weight Loss Is A Math’s Game

Eating “Healthily” does not mean guaranteed weight/fat loss.

I cook from fresh…

I make meals from scratch….

I always make healthy meals for the family…..

As we always say, it boils down to how many calories out (energy output) v calories in (energy input), we need the intake to be lower than the output to see weight loss results.

Your body doesn’t separate “good” or “bad” calories.

Whether you’re getting it from healthy foods such as nuts, oils, avocadoes or from pizza, protein, oats… it doesn’t matter.

Your body doesn’t think “ah that food is healthy so ill use it as energy”

If it takes your over your daily maintenance calorie limit, it will store the excess calories as body fat for times of low energy input.

If you’re a person who eats healthy all the time, but can’t lose weight – then start to learn your numbers!

If you don’t know how many calories are in a table spoon of olive oil, avocado, handful of nuts – then start to learn your numbers!

If you’re a person who eats well at the week and bad at the weekend, see how many calories you consume in the week AND the weekend. Find out what’s your weekly average calories – learning your numbers!

You don’t have to track calories forever – but it’s something you should be doing in the short term if you have tried everything, eaten healthy, trained in the gym & your weight does not budge.

When you finally know your numbers, you then don’t need to track as you can guestimate what calories are on your plate.

Make weight loss a more mathematics game rather than just hoping eating healthily will work – the Health Halo myth.

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