4 Shortcuts To A Great Body Shape

We are all looking for the shortcuts to having a great body shape.

That’s human nature and nothing to be ashamed of.

Getting in shape requires discipline, hard work, being organised, planning ahead – so wherever you can take a shortcut you must grab it and make it a newly formed good habit!

I’ve always looked for the best way that makes the process easier – and you should too.

Here are my top “hacks” from years of getting myself and many clients/THQ members in top shape;

  • Eating Real Food

Lean protein, vegetables and good carbohydrates. It’s extremely hard to overeat using this formula for each meal

  • Eat At The Same Time Each Day

Getting in the habit of eating breakfast, lunch and evening meal at the same time. This will stop the grabbing of foods on the go or even worse, missing meals and pigging out in the evening because your hungry

  • Don’t Drink Your Calories

Beer, wine, special coffees are loaded with calories that will very quickly get your allowance into a surplus (fat gain). Just drink water, green teas, black coffee (tiny dash of milk can work), diet drinks

  • Reduce Snacking

If you want a good body shape, eating chocolate, crisps, cakes, biscuits that you mindless nibble on watch television, will 100% give you a body shape you hate. Swap for low calorie jelly’s, lollipops, protein bars, chewing gum.

Believe me – if you are doing the above hacks at least 80% of the time – I promise you will much happier with your body shape.

Have a great weekend

Because it’s the weekend, it does not mean the above hacks don’t apply – if anything they apply MORE!

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