Time To Shift The Blame To Yourself

People are often over critical of training programs and diet plans.

I use to be like this to.

I was always searching for the best strength plan, fat loss plan, muscle building plan.

None of them worked fast enough so I kept changing training plan to training plan, diet plan to diet plan.

I only achieved results when I realised I was the problem – I wasn’t sticking to what I should have been doing.

Have you ever hired an electrician? Would you start undoing their work behind their back and start doing the wiring yourself?

Hiring a fitness profession who has got themselves and many clients into shape, to totally ignore them and just do your own way seems backwards to me.

The reality is that you just need to apply the information given and apply it for longer than 2-4 weeks.

To see drastic results, we are looking at 2-4 months of consistently being disciplined, organised and working hard in the gym/kitchen.

This is where your effort should be going.

Not fixating on finding the “perfect diet plan” or “best ab exercises”.

If you have that attitude then you are looking in the wrong direction.

Honestly ask you yourself – when you don’t see results do you shift the blame to the plan, or the workout, or the diet, or your work life, or your friends & family?

If you do we need to start shifting that blame to ourselves!

What we can do is now work on consistency and commitment to a training/diet plan.

Sticking to the plan long term (3-6 months) will always trump the latest faddy plan.

This weekend is your first test to stick to what you should be doing and keep that momentum going into next week.

Catch you then

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