8 Behaviours of Lean People

A lot of people around me are currently getting in amazing shape….

We have people just about to do their shoot and they look slimmer, more toned and defined each week that I see them!

You may have also seen Carl’s videos recently of getting in shape for his stag do – which I’m also going to and trying to get in good nick for.

This got me thinking, why do people follow through with a plan and others drop out?

To which I’ve seem to have concluded with 8 main behaviours.

But rather than focusing on why they drop out – I can and would rather point out what people do correctly.

These same habits, routines, behaviours seem to appear each time I see anyone getting into great shape.

Have a scan through them and see how many you do on a regular basis and how many you need to include.

  1. Track calories in order to achieve a calorie deficit
  2. Use lean protein and vegetables at all meals to feel full & satiated
  3. Strength train at least 3 times a week
  4. Schedule training sessions each week and attend them!
  5. Have a structure and routine applicable to THEM
  6. Track lifting progress in strength sessions (progressive overload)
  7. Ignore the haters “You’re getting too slim – you should stop what you’re doing” ( = Jealously plus your making them look fat!)
  8. Stay Consistent & Give It Time (they understand it takes month and years not days and weeks)

Want to get lean & toned but never see results? – you are probably not doing the above behaviours well enough for long enough!

Catch you next week

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