Does A Food Blip Do Damage?

Imagine you are 4 weeks into a get healthy, fit and lean goal/plan.

You have set a target of 8 weeks and things are looking good.

You feel energetic, healthy and the inches & pounds are coming off!

Then BAAM…

It’s the weekend and you go for an unplanned meal.

OR you have a treat that’s not on the plan.

A meal with friends or family, or a donut you have with your kids will not ruin your goal.

As soon as you learn this – getting in shape becomes so much easier & more enjoyable.

You may think all the people you follow online who are in great shape eat “perfect” all of the time.

Yes, they post their “perfectly clean” meals on Instagram but they won’t post pictures when they slip up.

Yet they still look great!

As long as the majority of your nutritional choices are what they should be, you can forgive yourself for the occasional blip as long as you get back on track the next meal.

If you’ve had a bit of a blip this weekend – chill! Get back to your plan this week and enjoy your journey.

Catch you soon

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