Need More Help With Your Body Shape?

Have you got stuck in a rut with your body shape development?

Are you about to finish the shoot and need a new goal to keep focused?

Why not attend the Specialised Small Group Program Seminar on the 6th July at Whaley THQ 11.15am!

Our specialised programs work on stubborn body parts you would love to improve on.

  • Got small & weak chest & shoulders or arms – enquire about the Chest & Shoulders or ARMageddon


  • Hold body fat on your legs and abs – enquire about Leaner Legs which now has a bonus training program targeting more abs


  • Suck at pull ups and deadlifts or want to build your traps? – enquire about our new program BACK ATTACK

You can work on all of these in Transformation Sessions but this gives you the opportunity to accelerate results in just 8 weeks.

A THQ trainer will train you in small groups and explain more about that body part, the sessions are an hour and we have more chance to clarify & educate on how to work that muscle correctly. Alongside your session, we adapt the THQ sessions to really emphasis what you’re working on and give you more chance to practise your newly discover form and knowledge.

There is a charge of £70 to the trainer holding the small group – a small charge that gives you a trainer who takes you through 8 sessions (one a week), works out your calories and holds a mini photo shoot to show case your results.

There are only limited spaces available so if you wish to find out more, book yourself (available on booking system) onto the seminar on Saturday 6th July 11.15am Whaley THQ and the trainer will explain how they will get you better body shape results.

See you soon

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