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Hunger Causing You To Binge Eat?

The key to triggering fat & weight loss is getting into a calorie deficit.

We often leave it too late to get in shape.

It’s now the summer and people are flapping so start to drop calories drastically.

The issues with dropping calories too quick is that the side effect is HUNGER.

Being too hungry on a diet leads to stress, muscle loss & lower diet compliance.

A person’s ability to stick to & lose weight on a diet is influenced by how hungry they feel.

Ever tried a low-calorie diet and got that ravenous feeling?

It often leads to a massive food binge that could last days – even weeks, where the low calorie diet starts again.

Your body, specifically the metabolism, can react negatively to this.

Almost if you drop calories too much e.g. 800kcal a day, your body says “screw you…ill drop down output to 800kcal a day”

Now your body is not burning as many calories as it should be and weight/fat loss can become even more challenging.

So, what should you do?

Having a mild calorie deficit over a longer time period of time achieves far better results.

Times your weight in pounds by 10 – 12 (12 if more active, 10 if less, 11 if not sure), take scale weight & measurements until they stall.

When you hit the plateau, use your new lower scale weight and use the above formula once more, go until results stall again.

I hope this helps you with the dreaded summer weight loss panic.

Catch you later in the week


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