I’ve really cocked up!

Had that feeling recently that you’ve messed up your diet?

You’ve gone on a splurge and had a Chinese or Indian with all the trimmings!

Sat in a beer garden for one drink and 5 hours later, you are still in there on the cocktails!

The following morning is the worst part (& I’m not talking about the hangover)

The inevitable guilt, down beat even depressive feeling that you’ve cocked up your diet and training plan.

The feeling that all your hard work you put in that week has gone to waste.

Because you’ve had “bad” foods.

This is where we need to change your attitude if you are ever going to get in shape.

One bad meal cannot undo your good work – likewise one good meal aint going shift the 20lbs you need to lose.

A bad meal or a few drinks isn’t a disaster, but they do have large amounts of calories that make it easier for you to get into a calorie surplus (fat gain).

“Clean or Good” foods make it harder to get into a calorie surplus, so you often end up losing weight.

With the nice weather this weekend, don’t miss out on time with family and friends, because you don’t want to be tempted into eating “bad” foods.

Enjoy whatever treat you have planned or pops up.

Limited the damage by having a smaller breakfast and lunch such as 3 scrambled eggs and spinach for breakfast, chicken or white fish and vegetables for lunch, therefore saving calories that can be used for the evening.

Also, try and strength train or have a long walk that day to create a bigger calorie burn.

If it becomes a bit of weekend blow out, then track calories. Firstly it will show you how much you over indulged. It also means you can shave 100-200kcal off each day next week to make up the excess calories you consumed.

Getting & staying in shape is just about balance and not beating yourself up.

Try not to view foods as “good” or “bad” and see how much easier it is to get in shape.

Enjoy the weekends sunshine


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