Lose 20lbs By The End Of The Year

Today marks halfway through the year! Pretty mad eh?!

Think back to the beginning of the year…

…did you set yourself a weight loss New Year’s Resolution?

Have you achieved that goal?

Nowhere near?

Or totally forgot what you said your goal was?

Don’t panic, we can use this important date in the year to revaluate where you are at.

This time of the year we tend to take our foot off the gas but you can sharpen up that focus today.

Imagine you wanted to lose 20lbs!

There are 183 days left in the year.

Its estimated that roughly each pound of body fat stores 3500kcal of energy.

That’s 70,000kcal amount of energy we need to burn to lose 20lbs before the clock strikes midnight on 31st December 2019.

Every day – that means you just need to create a calorie deficit of 383kcal.

To be sure you are in a 383kcal deficit each day, find your maintenance calories (not adding weight or losing weight)

This is roughly around 15 x your weight in total pounds e.g. 150lb =2250kcal each day

Take away 383kcal e.g. 2250 – 383 = 1867kcal each day to lose 20lbs!

Some days you will accidentally go over your calories, and some days you will be under but if we average out at your target over the week, it’s pretty much certain that you will hit the 20lb weight loss target and you will look and fill amazing at that NYE party.

Catch you soon

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