Carl’s Wedding Made Me Leaner!

For those who don’t know, Carl the founder of THQ got married this weekend.

It was a brilliant weekend, Katie & Carl looked amazing and they have a wonderful future ahead of them.

As part of Carls wedding, he very kindly made me one of his ushers!

The main role of an usher is to get very drunk & consume plenty of food – I mean support Carl with wedding duties ha.

I can proudly say I managed to do both of the above very well.

This has been in my diary for months and I knew what I had to do in relation to my body shape goals.

I did not panic about getting fat
I did not worry about not training and losing “gainz”
I was not concerned that people would see a gym owner eat and drink a lot!

The last couple of weeks I factored in the excess calories I will be consuming by reducing calories ever so slightly.

I shaved a couple hundred off what I should have been consuming each day, 1800 down to 1600.

I made sure I completed my strength sessions and I moved as much as I could day to day.

This will repeat for this & next week.

Even though I ate poorly for 2-3 days, I woke up this morning & visibly looked leaner!


Most likely down to the overload of carbs that made my muscles look fuller and lack of water been consumed may have flushed water from under the skin.

I won’t keep weighing myself on the scales until I do on my usual weekly Friday morning check in.

It should be around the same weight as it was last Friday but if its higher, there won’t be any alarm, I will just stick to the plan.

I won’t be beating myself up as I know this week I’m back in the right direction & a couple of bad days will not ruin my goal!

If you have a wedding coming up or a big social weekend.

Use my method of shaving calories off the week before and after and you too may wake up looking leaner.

The main lesson Carls wedding can demonstrate is it’s not just about being perfect with your diet & training all of the time – it’s about being realistic & building habits that you can stick to in the long term for any type of occasion life throws at you.

Have a great week whilst I get back to the plan!


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