2 Simple Foods You Should Always Purchase

“Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated” – Confucius

Being simple in life, (don’t attack me and call me stupid ha), has been super effective.

I like clean, crisp, organised lines.

I like things to run like clockwork and make my time as efficient as possible.

Sometimes this is a down fall as I can occasionally be late. I want to cram in as many task and duties in my time as possible, often not clock watching.

Most of the time, keeping things simple has made me grow as a person.

I don’t get involved in gossip.

I keep my dress style simple but modern.

My apartment is simple, light, plain and open.

Nutrition is simple and often a repeat of the main food staples.

Taking out the decisions of nutrition gives me more energy to focus on other things such as my business, training, planning events with friends and family etc.

I use to fret about what was the most efficient foods to achieve my goals and tried all sorts of new things I was reading about in magazines and on social media.

It often made me overeat and slow down me achieving my goals.

We should all know by now, that the key component of fat loss is being in a CALORIE DEFICIT.

And that we should keeping protein high to hold onto or build muscle, this gives me a better-looking body shape and keeps me strong & fit.

My food shop needs to have foods that are high in protein, I have discovered after many attempts and fails that I always need to have 2 sources of protein in my weekly shop.

  1. Chicken Breast
  2. Lean Mince Meat (5%)

These two sources pack a large protein punch at each meal and keep fats & calories down. (Vegans and vegetarians it would differ but can be done with Quorn, lentils, beans but not optimal for ease.)

I can then include other proteins around these two, depending on what I fancy and what’s on offer. For example, eggs, salmon, turkey, sole, sea bass, lamb….

Keep your food shop simple with these 2 staples and make losing fat a breeze.

Have a great weekend and simplify that food shop if you normally do it on a Saturday/Sunday.


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