Something I Noticed In London

This weekend has been amazing for sport.

Cricket World Cup Win, F1 Hamilton Silverstone Win, Wimbledon Final

Even if you’re not interested in sport, it’s hard not to hear or be slighted fascinated by what happened this weekend.

As pure coincidence, I was out with friends this weekend in Wimbledon.

I’ve never seen it so busy with lots of people eating and drinking plenty after watching the tennis.

As you are out, you do get to overhear strangers and discuss with friends that they feel bad for what they are drinking and consuming.

Already feeling blue and this is before the hangover.

It feels like because the weekend went west – it’s almost as if this week HAS to be a write off when it really doesn’t.

You also may have had a “big” weekend and feel a little like you’ve done damage to your goal.

If you have, it doesn’t matter – just let me convince you why!

One bad weekend does not make you a bad person,

A few too many drinks won’t make you an alcoholic,

A couple of bad decisions at the weekend with food will not make you obese.


As you get back to what you should be doing this week (the full 7 days)

Get over your weekend mistakes and get back on track from today!


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