I’ve overspent & I’m in trouble

Last weekend somehow, I ended up going to my overdraft.

I was out in London and paid the London prices for drinks, food and transport.

I thought I had enough money in my bank to handle a couple of days?!

Yet today the bank has called me saying I have gone £2000 into my overdraft asking if my card may have been stolen?

It hadn’t, it was all me and I recognised all payments.

I always use my card in moderation and don’t ever think I really need to check my bank balance.

Yet going into my overdraft didn’t sound like something I would normally do?

And this is because I didn’t…its how I hear people talk when they are struggling to lose body fat.

  • Replace the “£” into “calories”


  • Replace the “use card in moderation” into “I eat healthy most of the time”


  • Replace the “don’t need to check balance” into “I don’t need to track calories”

You wouldn’t treat your bank balance with this reckless abandon so why would you do it with your body and fat loss goals.

Can’t lose fat and you have a big weekend coming up?

Let’s start to track calories and see what really is being consumed.

Already track calories but don’t at the weekend – give this weekend ago!

Are you sick of being in a fat loss plateau? Never see your body shape get slimmer and leaner?

Make a change by tracking calories to measure your data and progression – then see your results rocket!

Start this weekend and track the lot!


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