Hate going to the gym?

Here is a little confession…some days I can’t be bothered going to the gym!

Yes, a personal trainer and gym owner that doesn’t want to train.

When I’m in a calorie deficit, it becomes tough, I’m hungry, I’m tired, I have a load of business stuff to sort.

I know I’m not alone, nobody wants to spend endless hours in the gym.

The majority struggle most days to become motivated to get in the gym.

What everyone does wants is the results that going to the gym on a regular basis achieves.

I could make all the excuses and not train but I’ve learnt I need to snap out of it if I want to see results.

I think to the busy mums, other business owners, the fitness professions who get on stage who all feel like this at some point.

But what do they do when they feel like this…..? They go to the gym!

When they get there, they don’t just go through the motions, they want maximum value for the time they have given up.

This should be your main focus when in the gym – get every ounce out of your session.

Rather than thinking what you’ve got to do at work, what you are making for tea, what so & so said about so & so….

Get in the gym this week a TRAIN.

Not only train but train with intensity & purpose.

Aim to get more reps done with a heavier weight, put 100% intensity into your sets, feel the muscle work, get the heart rate up!

If you are feeling like not bothering going to the gym this week? Think about the other fit, lean & healthy people who also feel it but suck it up & get going!

Get your training sessions planned this week – like the old cliché says, you will never regret missing a gym session but you will always regret the ones you missed!

Go and smash this week’s training sessions!

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