Summer Time Slip Ups

“Don’t be a weirdo – eat something!”

Ever heard that before?

Have you ever felt the immense pressure when you’re at a social event with friends and family and you are trying to be good, I certainly have!

You’ve clearly eyed up the desserts, the breads for starters and the booze is freely flowing.

Yet, you know it will not help your fat loss goal.

Anyone getting in or has been in shape understands the pressure and we often give in.

Listening to other people rationalise why we should stuff our face because they are doing so, and it will make them feel better.

It’s not done maliciously, it’s just not a great look for them as you stay controlled and they don’t know how to.

Its absolutely lovely weather this week and the BBQ’s smells are floating in the air from everyone’s back garden.

If you have a BBQ coming up, and you know you’re a person who won’t just eat the meats (protein)! You try your best but others options come up & they maybe too tempting….

Be smart and don’t act like the “weirdo” health freak.

Clearly, try and grab as much meat and salad as possible that will nearly fill the plate, then with the small space left on the plate, add a little treat such as breads, pasta, chips. No one will notice, as you all eat the same foods but if different portions = LESS CALORIES.

It goes without saying, that if a lot of food is being consumed then booze needs adjusting, stick to a refreshing tonic water and gin/vodka rather than the calorie laced cider/lager/prosecco.

I would also recommend to fast in the morning (no breakfast), and if it’s a long sunny day eating & drinking, no meals in the evenings – just add a protein shake or bar.

An extra weekly strength session or a very long walk that day will put the excess calories to good use.

This may sound like hard work or annoying, but instead of feeling crap Monday and starting again, be chuffed that you’ve been smart, had fun and still stayed in a calorie deficit = FAT LOSS

Have a lovely sunny weekend

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