An Angry Vegan Tweet

A little tweet from a vegan recently caused a fair bit of controversy.

I’ll let you read it and let you form your own opinion first;

“One egg = five cigarettes!? Egg yolks are loaded with cholesterol. 
“A medium-sized egg contains 186 mg of cholesterol, which is 62 percent of the recommended intake. Eating eggs is worse for your health than smoking!”
What do you think?

Personal, I think it was designed to create attention and get many retweets and likes.

But it was incredible stupid to even compare the two!

Yet, the myth still does continue to linger that eggs are bad for your cholesterol.

If you have been diagnosed by a GP with cholesterol issues, then yes, monitoring how many eggs will be important. In fact, Carl Lambert of THQ has to monitor his cholesterol levels so if you want any information on this, he has more knowledge and experience on this – bob him a message or email (

But, if like me, you don’t have a cholesterol problem, you will find that eggs will not raise your cholesterol to unsafe levels.

I have eaten at least 3-4 eggs every day for pretty much all my adult life (sometimes more), and when I get a cholesterol check occasional, they state that my cholesterol is perfect and in normal ranges!

What I have found though is the people warning you or people who are worried about eating eggs because of heart disease etc, are the people who go home and shove their face with 3 jam donuts and don’t bat an eye lid!

So, if you’ve never been diagnosed with a cholesterol problem – chill.

Swap out the junk food and include more eggs in your diet and watch your cholesterol levels improve! You will also find yourself feeling and looking a bit better as the lower calorie/high protein contents of eggs strip back body fat!

Get your eggs prepped and base your meal plan around a cheap, versatile & healthy source of protein.

Have a good week.

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