Time to get back on track!

Now that the residents and businesses are back in Whaley bridge, I can get back to writing my weekly posts.

It felt wrong to put out content when so many members were feeling the pressure & strain of not having a home or business or both to go to (including myself). To then ask them to worry about training and nutrition would have been wrong.

During this unprecedented week, our health, fitness and body shape goals went out of the window.

Due to no time to prep foods, not sleeping, not going to the gym and stress eating.

I personally went to maintenance calories (15 x my weight in pounds) and consumed foods I wouldn’t normally, but it allowed me freedom in my choices as long as I continued to track calories every day.

I always track calories as its now become a habit that I don’t even notice I’m doing, but it serves me well in times where things go west!

Due to the lack of training, no sleep and eating poor food choices – my cravings have increased dramatically, and I can imagine if you’ve also been evacuated from your home and business, you’re feeling the cravings too!

If you’ve been lucky and not in the Whaley Bridge area, relate back to a time when your life got turned upside down, such as have a child for the first time.

You run on adrenaline at first but then cravings kick in as your body searches for alternative sources of energy to use. You can get away with eating the incorrect things for a short time, but it will catch up with you so we need to nip in the bud as soon as we can.

The plan for myself now and maybe for you is to;

  • Increase protein with every meal
  • Reduce processed carbs and sugar
  • Catch up with my sleep

Add in a couple of strength sessions this week and cravings will disappear. Remember the above next time your life goes wonky. This will stop the weeks & month of binging eating that destroys a body shape!

Have a good weekend.
Big thanks to the emergency service that saved our homes & businesses of Whaley Bridge, we are forever in your debt!

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