3 Fat Loss Guarantees From The Stock Market

As part of my morning routine, I enjoy a strong coffee.

If I’m not on an early shift, I can enjoy my coffee in my apartment.

When I get up, I do the little house jobs and have breakfast.

I like to start working about 9am on my laptop doing all my business, THQ company and gym owner tasks for 3-4 hours.

But the 30 minutes before 9am, I sit with my coffee and I’ll watch the business news.

I’ve always been interested in business ever since I was younger, I even used to read the paper and the boring business section as a kid.

The section that was in the middle of the paper that no one got to.

I then studied business at college and university, which is maybe why I’m a business owner now.

Watching the business news gives me an idea of what trends the markets are going for and what’s happening with the stocks.

I’m no expert but I enjoy seeing how external factors change the business world.

This morning, there was a glitch and the stock market couldn’t open – “technical issues” was the problem. It opened 1 hour 45 minutes late, this never happens!

In recent weeks, the markets have been slowing due to the whole world’s economical slowdown, which is hitting every country.

Investors are spooked, when they are spooked, they always start investing in guarantees that will stop them from losing money.

Gold – Low Interest Bonds – Japanese Yen (currency).

These three safety nets keep the investors from losing money in turbulent times, and I could see some similarity in health and fitness.

There are three guarantees that will get you through tough & rough times.

  • Eating more protein
  • Reduce snacking
  • Strength training

No need to overcomplicate things, like investing in exciting new stock (new faddy diet plan)

Just do the above guarantees & do it every day.

There are times when things are out of your control, like the stock market not being able to open.

There are times when you’re not perfect but going to the 3 guarantees…

(just like the stock market investors go to their 3 guarantees to keep them rich)

…help you look and feel better for life!

Have a good weekend

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