How To Make Getting In Shape Easier?

Everyone has the ability to get into amazing shape!

People reject this claim and blame it on their genetics, family obesity history, age, job, family, bone structure (ha)

If you really want something in life – you will get it if you WORK for it.

Once people start getting deep into a dieting/fat loss phase….

…they realise “actually, this is quite tough”

So, they throw in the towel as it’s easier to sit at home eating biscuits, cakes and sweets.

This is why you don’t see many lean people around, even millionaires/billionaires are hugely out of shape.

It cannot be bought, it has to be earnt through HARD WORK & DISCIPLINE.

When you see a person in great shape, you really respect them, don’t you? We see a huge reaction whenever we release our results, as people admire what they have achieved.

Yet, there is a way to make it easier.

Dropping 10, 15, 20lbs of body fat – then MAINTAIN it for at least 4-6 weeks.

When you’ve successful maintained your shape & weight, you can then push again or stick with where you’re at.

You have to learn how to live a life and maintain this shape & weight without screwing it up and putting the weight back on.

This maintaining phase gives you a new lower “set point” where your body has adjusted to and is happy being there.

Then, the next time you want to get in shape, it won’t be 20lbs that you need to get rid of… may just be 5-10lbs. Which obviously, is a lot easier and won’t take as long.

Keep struggling to get in shape?

Next time you “diet down”, give yourself the task of staying that way for as long as you can!

This is how it becomes easier to get in great shape. Lowering that set point and keep it there, rather than rewarding yourself for dieting down and putting the weight back on.

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