2 Weekends of Beer & Excess Food

Has made me lose weight!

Yes, that’s correct, I lost a bit of weight.

Granted it was only 0.4kg but I’m already fairly lean and shouldn’t be losing a lot of weight each week.

The last two weekends I’ve had 2 birthdays to celebrate and a day out at footy on the beer.

One or too many beers were consumed and rubbish food started to slip in to my diet when I was out and about.

The key significance, was that I prepared for the worst in the weeks before and after the weekends.

Monday – Friday food was perfect, I was training consistently and hitting calories (which I lowered slightly to offset extra at weekend).

I’m writing this post in case you had a bad night last night, or even had a blow out weekend.

You maybe feeling crap because you ate a bad meal and are now thinking you “have ruined your results …..so I may as well write today or even the week off”

Ditch that attitude as I’ve proved you can still progress – even with the blow outs.

Slipping up and eating a packet of biscuits or having too many beers like me will not destroy results as long as we get back to healthy & moderated meals today and for the rest of the week.

  • First meal of the day should be just protein and fats e.g. eggs & spinach
  • Second meal of the day should be lean protein and veg e.g. chicken and salad or veg
  • Last meal of day should be lean protein, veg and one carb source e.g. jacket potato with tuna

Drink plenty of water, get in the gym regularly, sleep well and watch your “binge” guilt disappear along side a few inches & pounds.

Lets smash this week!

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