FREE Personal Trainer

Would you like your very own mini personal trainer?

A little person who stays with you throughout the day?

Telling you what and how much you should be eating?

Tracking all physical activity.

As you can imagine, this will help you reach your body shape or health & fitness goal quite quickly.

What if I told you – you can have this and you can have it all for FREE!

Unfortunately, I’m not offering to be your 24/7 personal trainer who follows you around (I’m sure someone would actually pay me NOT to do this ha!)

I’m introducing you to a tracker – MyfitnessPal. (A free App)

This could sound like a let-down but carry on reading to understand why it can help you and how easy it can be.

We all have our phones by our sides from the moment we wake up with an alarm to the moment we got to bed & scan Facebook or Instagram.

So why not make it a new tool and turn it into your personal trainer, or view it as a set of eyes watching everything you are doing.

On MyfitnessPal you enter everything you consume, it will display how many calories and grams of Protein/Fats/Carbohydrates you eat each day.

We can set it targets for you to aim for to make sure you’re on track for your goal.

Logging foods for the first time can be an eye opener.

Its key advantage, is that it will make you MINDFUL of what you eat.

You may believe you’re eating “healthily” or “eating the right way”….but in realty you eat too many calories, or drink too many calories, or snack too much – all whilst not been aware that you’re doing so.

If results have stalled, why not give tracking ago….

…Our 12 week shoot starts this weekend, you can enrol and we work out calories for you so you final achieve your goal. (Meeting Saturday 31st BUXTON HQ @ 10.45am)

Or if you don’t want to do shoot and just want to start tracking – send me your weight in total pounds plus your goal and I will send back a target for you to hit.

Get tracking for quick results!


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