Have You Gone Sloppy?

We have very fortunately had a great weekend weather wise.

I hope you had time with friends & family and included a few indulgences.

At THQ, we’ve always said make sure you do have a treat. Life is for living!

If you follow our training & nutrition protocols 80% of the time and the odd treat (20% of the time), you will still see fantastic results yet had fun at the same time.

I too had a great weekend with 2 birthdays to celebrate so lots of food and beer consumed.

Years ago, I would have felt guilty, crap and may not have gone into the gym or not bothered making my meal prep after a “big” bank holiday.

Now I’m certain it won’t have affected my results….as long as I get back on it today!

I have noticed that when people start getting sloppy with their diet….

…they are more tempted to skip training sessions in the gym.

The flip reverse of these can be true as well.

When people start skipping training sessions….

…..they become sloppy on their diet.

Diet and training are intrinsically connected to each other.

Diet on its own has a limited results ceiling, as does training on its own.

But when they are consistently done well at the same time – we really hit the sweet spot.

So, your post bank holiday weekend kick up the a*rse message is here! Don’t let the weekend extend into the week.

Get back to making your gym sessions, prepping meals, drinking water and sleeping well.

Have a productive week

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