Is Instant Gratification Killing Your Body Shape?

Resist the temptation of an immediate reward in preference for a later reward.

As I’m writing this post today, I am sat in the waiting room of a car show room.

It’s my cars annual service and I hate getting it done. I have to drive into Stockport and wait for it to be completed.

It means I lose half a day of efficient working, to half of day of doing what I can with my laptop sat on my knees and a poor WIFI connect.

It’s something I could probably skip if I convinced myself hard enough…

I don’t have the time” or “not used my car much recently so I might skip this years service”

Short term gain that leads to long term pain.

If I don’t get my car serviced, I know my car could develop issues further down the line.

This applies to getting into great shape also..

If I put off going to the gym on the days “Im not feeling it” ……

Don’t make my meal prep and just get a takeaway…….

All these small decisions seem like they won’t make much impact, but they compound over time for long term pain.

If you’ve been making a few too make short term instant gratification hits, it’s time to swap a few to get momentum building.

Let’s start by making some small short term pains for long term body shape gains.

Reduce sugar – more protein
Less snacking – more water
Lie on sofa all evening – get to gym today
Less tv – more reading
Less social media – more time meal prepping

Small little tasks that you can start today that don’t give you immediate gratification, but compound to achieve the perfect body shape.

Have a nice bank holiday weekend

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