How THQ Members Achieve Results Without Banning Foods?

As you may have seen, our 3rd shoot of the year was this weekend!

A few pictures that members have released themselves from progress pics have blown people away.

The feedback we get from the shoots is always emotive, inspirational & personal.

Even as trainers, we get fired up more hearing, seeing & reading what the people who completed the shoot say.

Things like they thought they were to old to get back into a size 10, my mental health is so much better, I’ve lost 3 stone and feel so energetic.

A lot of these members also were hesitant to start at THQ or start the 12 week shoot as they believed they had to be perfect with their diet & training.

Eating clean and living like a monk….

Train in the gym for hours and hours…

When in fact, it was a lot simpler than they thought – a few members said they wished they had started earlier and realised they just been lying to themselves.

Its easy to make scenario’s in your head as to how hard it will be…just so you don’t have to start.

Everyone on the shoot (in fact all members) are allowed any foods they want!

We don’t ban anything!

For any members.

On the 6 week meltdown, we factor in treats and cheat meals, on the 12 week shoot they can fit treats & cheat meals into their allocated calories.

We aim for good nutritious options 80% of the time to keep satiated & to help recover from training, then 20% a bit more flexible tastier options for sanity & enjoyment.

3-4 gym sessions a week is more than enough! as I’ve said before, you cannot exercise the fat off – your diet does the work for you.

THQ will never do meal plans as they are too limited and rigid = destined for failure but the THQ meal planner teaches you how to structure your day, or tracking calories allows for a bit more creativity & freedom with meals.

If you need a kick up the back side, the THQ members are they guys who should fire you up to get doing things correctly this week.

The inspiring part is that they did it correctly MOST of the time not ALL of the time!

What’s your excuse…

Lets smash this week and ill catch you soon


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