Outsourcing your fat loss problems

In this day and age, we can outsource a lot of life’s problems.

I myself get somebody to do my;

accounts & booking keeping

cleaning (even though I live in one bed small flat ha)

clean my car

admin jobs in my business.

I will keep looking for more things to outsource so I can spend more time on what I’m good at and what I enjoy.

Yet there is one thing I cannot outsource…

My body and in particular my body shape goal.

I know I need to do the hard work in the gym and be organised with my food & calories.

So when I hear….

“What’s the best way to lose fat off my legs?”

“How do I get rid of the love handles?”

“Why do I have bingo wings – and how do I lose the fat there?”

The answer is to outsource it – let the diet do all of the work.

Exercise is just a stimulus and if you are asking questions as above, you need to stop focusing on trying to exercise the body fat off.

Use your diet to get lean.

You should spend your time in the gym concentrating on getting stronger & fitter and then the whole process becomes so much more enjoyable.

And without you even noticing the body starts to change to a shape you are happy with.

“You can’t out train a bad diet” is a bad cliché – but its ever so true.

Have a great weekend

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