My 4 Tips for Eating Well on the GO

Planning ahead is unquestionably necessary if you want to stay or get lean.

You have to be planning for potential problems that you could face throughout the day and have a strategy to deal with them.

If you want to see results, it’s no good saying “well I’m to busy” “ or I forgot to meal prep” then get upset that you never see results.

You have to act like a security team protecting a celebrity or politician.

They expect the worst case scenario and a plan kicks in immediately to save them.

This is how I like to act when I know I’m on the road and not everything is in my control.

  1. I always make sure I’ve eaten a low calorie, high protein meal before I leave the house, meaning I can go for hours without worrying.


  1. If I know its going to be a longer day I will take a low calorie, high protein meal or a low Kcal protein bar with me.


  1. Track calories, so if I do enjoy a nice treat like a breakfast or sandwich out with friends & family, I fit it into my daily calorie allowance. Most restaurants & cafes display calories of meals, so I will go for the lowest calorie option.


  1. Carry a 2-litre bottle of water around, making sure most of its drunk before I get home, the constant drinking keeps me feeling satiated and energised.  Add in a cup or two of coffee will also kill the hunger.

Being on the road or out & about a lot will never be perfect.

The thing is you don’t need to be perfect!

You just need to be a bit better than you have been if you haven’t been seeing the results you want.

Have a great weekend and start planning ahead now if you know you have a busy few days ahead!


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