Should you be taking creatine?

why they should be taking it!

We even sell it in our THQ locations so it generates a bit of curiosity.

We’ve always said that no supplement will act like a magic pill…..yet creatine can tick A LOT of boxes.

In fact, Creatine is the most researched supplement out there!

I believe this is down to the fact that it helps with so many things like;

Increasing strength & performance in the gym or in sport.
It assists in adding lean muscle mass.
It can help speed up recovery.
Shown to prevent injuries.

The latest studies show that regular creatine supplementation can even;

Control fat accumulation in the liver.
Reduce inflammation from malnutrition times.
Combats mental fatigue.

But what is creatine?

It’s essentially three amino acids (which protein from food breaks down into), which your body then converts into an energy form, ATP.

I find when I’m in a “cutting” or “fat loss phase” that supplementing with creating keeps me strong. When you’re in a consistent calorie deficit (even at weekends), it can feel a drain and training sessions get hard. Yet, supplementing with creatine, I find that I can still train with good intensity – which means, better and faster results!

If you want to find out more, listen to the recent THQ podcast and give creatine a go. A cheap, easy to take supplement that can make you stronger, add muscle to your body, improve performance and endurance and so many more benefits…..

Have a top week!

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