You Can’t Lose Weight Eating Carbs…

Is utter and total BS!

If you’ve carried on reading, then it’s probably something you believe.

I’m actually writing this eating salt and vinegar rice cakes…

4 rice cakes – 164kcal and 32g of carbs!

Snacking is not the best thing for weight loss or getting in great shape, but I love the salt and vinegar flavour, they are also low in calories and I can easily fit them into my daily allowance.

I’m currently in a little fat loss phase and I allocate grams of protein, fats and carbs each day – these are broken down from a calorie target that gets me into a deficit (fat loss).

When I’m trying to lose weight, I’ll keep carbs to 120-130g a day.

Enough to keep me fuelled and energised but not so many that ill spill over my calories.

The extra 4 rice cakes I had today will bump me up to 150g-ish! I won’t panic and beat myself up as I’m still under my calorie allowance, plus I’ve smashed my protein goal for the day.

I can be confident that for my weekly weigh in that ill have dropped weight.

If you think you aren’t losing weight because you eat carbs – then the mindset needs to shift!

You aren’t losing weight because you eat too many CALORIES!

Of course, if you have cut carbs then jump on the scales a day or two later, you will be lighter…but this is from dropping a load of water weight.

And if you reintroduce carbs and jump on scales again, you will see them jump up with an increase of water weight as carbs draw in water.

This is why carbs get the bad rap and people go in crazy cycles blaming carbs for their weight gain.

If you’ve been blaming carbs for your lack of progress then maybe it’s time to start tracking calories and protein instead. If you just focus on these two figures you will see results snowball.

Don’t know how many calories and grams of protein you should be consuming…email or message me your weight in total pounds and I’ll get the ball rolling for you!

Have a great weekend

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