The missing element to your training

Self-development is a huge interest to me.

I like to be learning the latest information on muscle building, fat loss, strength training.

I also like to go on courses to be a better business owner, public speaker, learning about website design etc

This Sunday gone, I went to Southampton on a course to improve my writing, but had to arrive the day before due to an early start.

I made time to go to the gym around the corner on Saturday late afternoon.

Not only do I like to improve my brain, I like to keep improving my body in the gym.

I took my log book to the gym, got in and out in about 45 minutes.

I stuck to my training plan, and tried (as I always do) to complete more reps or use a heavier weight than my last training session (progressive overload).

This keeps me outside my comport zone, it challenges my body to adapt by getting stronger and fitter.

I did notice that people around me training were not moving….like they were stuck in time.

In fact, on one exercise I did 5 sets in one person’s rest period (about 4-5mins)!

I was a bit sweaty, warm and out of breath…I was getting my heart rate up.

He on the other hand was on his phone more, and looked bored! Actually, he was still in the same position as I left the building ha.

Intensity in a workout is overlooked and can achieve muscle gain, weight loss, strength increase and a fitter & healthier body.

Add this with progressive overload & I achieve the body shape result I want.

Without sounding too big headed…the guy next to me with the 5 minute rest periods – was not in good shape but looked like he been training this way for a while.

So next time your mind wanders in the gym, or you are checking your phone in between sets – give yourself a little slap around the head.

All out intensity in each set and rep may have been the missing element to getting the body shape you train so hard for!

Smash your training sessions this week with everything you’ve got!

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