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Is Protein Sneakily Making You Fat?

It’s a well known fact that protein makes fat loss easier.

It creates better satiety.

Helps build & maintain muscle.

Supports recovery.

In fact – it actually burns calories. Its estimated that 25-30% of the calories from protein consumed goes towards digesting it, compared to 10-15% for carbs and just 3-4% for fats.

Your digestive system really has to work hard to break protein down – this is called the Thermogenic effect.

It’s the main reason that protein is the main foundation in pretty much every diet out there currently.

So, the main stream “junk foods” have cottoned onto this as their sales plummet.

Ideally, your protein should come from animal meats, eggs, fish, dairy – backed up with a portion of vegetables or fruit and natural carbohydrates if you’ve trained that day.

Yet everyone is riding the “protein” bandwagon and people are falling for.

If you’re a person who smashes protein bars guilt free because it says “protein so it can’t make me fat” – this could be the reason you’re not seeing results.

Let me explain why….

An average protein bar contains 200-250kcal

A Mars bar has 229kcal!

If either product is making you consume more calories than you are burning then you will not lose weight – probably add weight!

This is also applies for protein bread, protein pasta, protein wheat-a-bix….the list grows longer each month.

Calorie Deficit is the king when it comes to weight loss!

Being aware of calories in your diet is critical if you want to see decent results, once aware you can then make smarter choices. Other snacks or drinks you have each day also a big difference over time…

Such as normal Coca-Cola (139kcals) can be changed to Coca-Cola Zero – 139kcal saved each day

Latte Large (274 kcal) – white americano (40kcal) – 234kcal saved each day.

All these small savings add up and compound over time without any extra effort or sacrifice.

So, if you’re a person who has 2 or 3 protein bars a day guilt free – this could be the little trap you’ve been falling into.

Record foods on Myfitness pal for one week and see what mistakes you’ve been making!

Have a great week and make some smarter swaps to accelerate results!


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