My Cholesterol Levels are….?

When joining THQ….you will meet the head coach for a consultation.

This is to explain how it all works and how we get you results.

If you then wish to join, we fill out forms – then we immediately start on nutrition.

At Whaley Bridge THQ where I do the consultations, I gather everyone around a nutrition board.

This is the THQ Meal Planner for people starting on the 6 week meltdown.

It’s a simple structure that works on the basics and develops good habits so the new members achieve results.

Eggs appear on it for breakfast AND snacks!

The look I get some times is of horror – and not because of the smell they can generate.

Most people will keep quiet but on a few occasions I still get asked the question “ but what about cholesterol?”

This is still a myth that lingers..i wrote about it a month or two ago, but thought another message is needed to bust this lie.

Firstly, it must be said that if you have a chronic diagnosed cholesterol issue then consumption of eggs will need to be monitored.

If like 95% of the population and you don’t, you will be fine.

In fact, myself and Carl were sat in costa working on our THQ book (we are nearly there!) and we were discussing cholesterol levels, as I’ve not had mine checked for a while – I ordered one online.

They cost £30-40 and take a couple of weeks for results to return or you can pester your GP.

My results came back this week and I had a total cholesterol level of 4.6mmol/l – which is in the “normal safe range”.

This is interesting as I’ve really increased my egg consumption recently, I’m trying to trim up for my upcoming break away to Asia and eggs make it SO much easier.

Low in calories, high in protein, cheap, versatile and very tasty.

I eat 3-4 eggs a day and have been doing so for 10+ years. Last month or two the average has been 5-6 eggs!

So, if you’ve been holding back using eggs in case “cholesterol you know!”…then swap out your breakfast “healthy” granola for eggs or stop snacking on cakes/biscuits/crisp for a boiled egg or two and turbo charge your results.

Have a great weekend

If you are reading this on Friday – its actually World Egg Day today! More prompting for you to consume more eggs!

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