Why I’m having a break!

As you read this I’m sat on a plane going to Asia.

Just in case you’re interested I am back packing from Thailand into Cambodia and travelling up through Vietnam.

It sounds very braggy but I’ve saved hard for this trip that I’ve wanted to do for years.

I’m not one for sitting/standing still and like to explore & see as much as possible of the world.

This is also a great opportunity to give my mind and body a rest as all holidays should do.

So, I will reduce my weekly emails down from two – to one a week (ill scheduled before I go)

I hope this will make me more creative with tips, tricks, story’s etc on my writing for when I get back – as I always seem to get ideas when traveling or walking.

I also try and have a break from training in the gym.

Usually, ill train 5-6 times a week for 45-50 minutes, this is because I own and work in the gym, so I squeeze a little extra training in than is probably needed.

This however is not great to do all year round. The body is getting stressed and pushed each workout, this is a strain on my nervous system, muscles, tendons & joints.

The trip I’ve planned I’ve managed to book some hotels with gyms – I estimate I will get 3-5 workouts in over the next 2 ½ weeks.

That’s less than half that what I normal do, but I will reap the benefits when I get back and have a fresh urge to train hard and more frequently.

The muscles, joints, tendons will have recovered and any niggly injuries I’m feeling should have disappeared.

You too should plan “de-load” times in your year, they may happen when you go on holiday, or if you have to go away for work, or if your busy at festive times of the year.

Try not to feel guilty that you’ve not trained but turn it into a positive that you can let your body recover and come back even stronger!

Have a great week and ill speak soon

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