The THQ Email That Never Sent

This email was written the day before we all got evacuated from Whaley Bridge, due to the risk of the Dam bursting.

Sometimes if I’m busy, I will schedule emails to go out. This email was due to go out the day after we were evacuated, but I stopped it from going out – enough time has passed now for the content and message to be relevant without upsetting anyone.

I hope you enjoy


Surviving the flood

I was staring out of my living room window as the river burst its banks on Wednesday.

As you do when you watch fire or water you go into a slow trance and your mind wanders.

I was watching houses on the other side of the river flood and carefully watching it didn’t rise too high on my side.

The people on the lower side of the stream were frantically grabbing sandbags from their vans and launching them into the water (where their front door use to be).

People next door to them, getting everything off the ground floor and putting it to a higher level.

And yet, I watched calmly from the other side….

I could not help them as it was too late, once water is flooding in – you cannot stop the flow.

But it made me think deeply and I compared this to how people get in shape.

Its all left too late..

Just imagine the river is now the calories you put into your body.

Too little water and the river dries up…. too little calories and you lose lots of weight or no calories and you die (worst case scenario!).

Adequate water coming down river, all works fine…. adequate calories maintain weight or slow sustainable weight loss.

Too much water and the river bed cannot not handle the volume, so it starts spilling over until it’s out of control…. too many calories you can handle for a short time but then fat cells start to get full and your body makes more.

As the guys with the sandbags tried to stop the flow it was too late and the water had seeped into the property, meaning months of repair and lots of cost.

Same with calories, it’s going to take months of dieting and training hard to reverse the damaged done.

But the good news is that you can prepare!

Our side of the river had a higher wall with trees and foliage to block and send the water past.

In terms of body shaping, this is strength training!

Its strong to block & absorbs the times of excess calories and sends it to be used as energy.

Keeping calories generally lower is a comparison to keeping the river just trickling along most of the time, but can handle the excess volume of calories that arrive from time to time.

Be prepared for times of floods (calories) and sit calmly whilst everyone loses their head!


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