2 Weeks of Beer and Bread Got Me Abs


Well not quite, but it caught your attention.

Often, I hear from members a conversion that goes a little like this…

Member “I’m really p*ssed off with myself. I went on holiday for a couple of weeks and ate and drank like a pig”

To which ill reply “ it was only a couple of weeks though..wasn’t it?”

Member “Yes – why you ask?”

Me “ Have you ever seen anyone get ripped in 2 weeks?”

Member “no, not really”

Me “Well then, just get back to what you should be doing and you will soon see results”

We all (included myself) have had or do have a mentality that we’ve messed up on holiday, we then get frustrated and just throw in the towel.

This is because it’s easier than sticking to what you should be doing.

I could have easily ruined my recent trip and not enjoyed any of it, by worrying about my food and/or body shape.

I use to do this a lot when I went on holiday but now realise that is really not that much of a big deal.

I was in decent shape before I went on my recent trip with visible abs showing though.

Two weeks later (17 days actually) with eating 3 heavy meals a day, mostly protein, vegetables and rice/noodles – but a fair bit of bread and beer to supplement.

I was certain in a calorie surplus each day, some days more than other due to activity levels.

Results – I came back just 1kg heavier and still visible abs.

A short break does not undo your hard work, AS LONG as you do everything else correctly throughout the year.

Never throw in the towel because you MIGHT have messed up – as long as you don’t throw in the towel, you cannot mess up!

So next time you think about beating yourself up for enjoying yourself – just get back to what you should be doing and be prepared for your next holiday break like I was.

Have a nice weekend





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