Beat The Winter Blues

I usually write about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) this time of the year when the clocks go back.

It use to hit me very hard when the dark early nights kicked in…

…and the weather is just miserable and cold.

I use to feel low on energy, depressed and turn to junk food or booze as a way of cheering myself up.

Then about 10 plus years ago, I entered the fitness industry and realised there are other ways to bash the SAD.

As the clocks went back yesterday – it’s time to take action!

Although this year I’ve managed to miss it and I’m currently in Hanoi Vietnam where it’s a little warmer.

I’ll be back on Wednesday so I’ll do my usual techniques that reduce the SAD symptoms;

  • I expose myself to sun light or day light in the morning by going for a 15-20min walk, this also gets the endorphins going and I burn extra calories.


  • I keep workouts short & snappy (30-40mins), but do more frequent workouts, 5-6 times a week.


  • Nutrition is kept “clean” so every meal consists of lean protein and vegetables. It fuels my body with good nutrients plus keeps me in a caloric deficit (that’s if I’m not trying to add weight – “bulking”).


  • I supplement with ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium & B6) vitamin D3 & omega 3 fish oil daily.

I truly believe that it’s the weight/strength sessions that make the biggest difference – the bonus being that you have to complete sessions inside so the weather is not an excuse (compared to running/swimming/biking where you may have to stop).

But what if you like the winter months….?

Well, weight training is also a great outlet if you are feeling bored, angry, frustrated, anxious.

The result after a good workout is of positivity and energy!

So, if you get a little blue during winter months – COMMIT to your weekly workouts rather than delay them until new year!

Book your gym sessions in this week and smash those winter blues.





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