I’ve Failed You

If you’ve been reading my weekly emails for a length of time now, you may have noticed that they go out on Mondays & Fridays.

Monday’s email is there to give you a little bit of a lift, a health/fitness/nutrition/mindset tip or a bit of direction for the week.

The Friday email is generally just a reminder to stay on track and not to blow it over the weekend.

You may also seen, they usually go out late morning.

I aim for them to be a 2 min read whilst you’re on your lunch break.

Today, as you may have noticed – it’s gone out a little late.

This is because I wasn’t prepared!

If I had known how busy my Friday was going to be, I would have wrote the email the day before.

My morning consisted of a dentist appointment, meetings, running errands, taking parents dog for walk, dropping stuff off at gym, workout….without realising I hadn’t sent my Friday email.

The old saying of “Fail to prepare – Prepare to fail” is ever so true.

This also goes with meal prepping.

Having the correct foods close to hand will ensure you see results, and see them FASTER!

So, plan ahead like I should have done today.

Make enough meals for a day or two of being stressed, rushed off your feet & no spare time.

They won’t go to waste and any extra made you can freeze.

Taking away the stress of worrying what you can eat, makes getting in shape so much easier – plus it’s SO much cheaper than eating on the go, which also reduces stress.

If you are rubbish with meal prep – make this Sunday the first time you meal prep for the week and see how much simpler it is to eat for your goal!

Have a lovely weekend

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