Which Diet Works Best?

Diet trends are on the up rise and more new styles seem to come out each week.

It causes a lot of debate as people attach themselves to a diet.

Almost religion like.

I’m keto

I’m Vegan

I’m Carnivore

I’m a Mediterranean

You are not a diet – you are just using a technique/method of eating.

Typically, it achieves a calorie deficit by reducing junk food and replacing it with healthier options.

Rather than argue which is the best diet….just keep it simple.

It’s easy to get confused which diet works best and people often end up mixing them all, trying low carb one day, keto the next etc.

This just overwhelms the persons and they throw in the towel.


  • Find a way of eating that doesn’t ban food groups completely
  • Make sure it’s based around eating single nutrient rich ingredients
  • Ensure you can eat that way in the long term
  • Make sure it creates a calorie deficit

Add in 3 full body weight sessions a week to become stronger and fitter! (no one argues that exercise is bad!)

That’s all that’s need to get in top shape, feel good, be stronger and fitter.

Keep it simple.

Have an easy week!


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