My Little Tactic For Meal Prep

Meal prepping is something you hear us banging on about all of the time.

You get that eating healthy will achieve the results you want…..

You get that it means you are less likely to eat junk food if you have prepared a healthy meal and brought it out with you…..

BUT – there is also another factor that meal prepping helps with.


We have a lot of decisions to make day to day, whether it envisaging your next career steps, to which shoes to wear that day.

Many decisions drain the brains resources, and having to think about which meal to prepare and consume is another choice we don’t need to stress about.

This is why you should stick to 6-8 meals you know you won’t get sick of, but will help you achieve your goal.

Make them in bulk and extra portions made can be your lunch the next day, or you can freeze the extra for times of emergency.

I eat a lot of chilli from lean ground beef (or turkey mince if really trying to cut body fat fast).

It’s a cheaper form or protein and it allows me to make 4,5,6 portions in one go.

Meaning some nights, I don’t even have to cook!

My main proteins and carbs are the same each week.

Fish – Sea Bass or Salmon
Poultry – Chicken Breast or Turkey Steak
Red Meat – Lean Mince Meat or Diced Beef Cubes

A ton of fresh vegetable and frozen microwavable veg for when I run out of fresh!

Carbs – New Potatoes (with skin), Packet Rice, Packet Cous Cous, Packet Quinoa, Mashed Potato, Mashed Root Vegetables. All prepared and ready to consume usually!

Without fail – this is my year-round food choices. I add in one or two other foods if my goals change such as now, where I’m focusing on getting stronger and adding more muscle but generally all year round it stays the same.

I don’t even have to think when going shopping or when I prepare meals for the week.

I just go into auto pilot. Purchase and consume the correct foods for my goals! If I want something “nice” (never get why people say that – as if you ever want to eat something horrible), I plan a meal out at a restaurant.

If we prepare for times of nutritional emergency, we take away the stress. Taking away decisions and getting into good habits is the little tactic that can help you ditch the excuses – but more importantly, achieve your body shape goal.

I hope this helps take away any meal choice stresses you have.



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