Brexit or Game Changers

Two topics that are dividing opinion.

I’m not going to start on Brexit, as it’s not something we can control, nor should we worry about – we will be fine!

Game changers is the 2nd most discussed thing on the internet currently.

For those that who don’t know what it is, Game Changers is a Netflix documentary film about eating a plant-based diet and its benefits.

Particularly, benefits to athletes.

It got members discussing and people told me I had to watch it.

I didn’t! Nor will I ever watch it (probably)

One, I don’t have Netflix so can’t watch it (ha).

But, as a general rule, I don’t watch health and fitness documentaries, as they seem to have a bias from the off.

I have though read the reviews, and the documentary has well researched backed information, certifying their points.

But since its release, people have researched backed information that argues & certify against the points made.

Another reason I didn’t watch the documentary, was that I discovered the director has investments in plant based proteins companies, so I was certain it would favour one side more than the other.

If it intrigues you – then watch it.

If you’ve been thinking about become vegan for health reasons, watch it and then do more research.

Don’t base your health and life off one Netflix documentary.

Would you watch a criminal documentary and say you are now a detective? No! Then don’t base all your information off one source.

What I WILL SAY on the THEME of Game Changers is this:

A plant based diet can make you healthy, lose body fat & build muscle.


An animal protein based diet can also make you healthy, lose body fat & build muscle.

Never the less

A plant based diet can be unhealthy and cause weight/body fat gain (think vegan cakes, biscuits, donuts)


A diet with animal protein can be also unhealthy and cause weight/body fat gain (think burgers, kebabs, pizzas)

Each to their own, as long as you’ve done your research for both sides then you’ve made the educated decision.

Just don’t make a snap decision on one trendy documentary.

Maybe my point has come through…

….or maybe I should have just discussed our political parties new manifesto’s instead.

Have a great weekend.


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