The Secret To A Transformation

This weekend we held the last shoot of the year and its refreshing to see members going “ALL IN” of their goals.

Its brilliant to see the happy faces on a THQ Shoot day.

Clients buzzing about how well they have done.

Often surpassing what they thought was even possible!

They stuck to the plan laid out for them and just believed in the process.

Obviously, nobody does it perfectly, because that’s life and its never going to be perfect.

But as the old saying goes “aim for the stars….and if you fail….you’ll land on the moon”.

Aim to do as well as possible with nutrition and training and you’ll generally end up a leaner, slimmer, stronger, fitter and happier person.

It also isn’t complicated, people often over analyse everything, always trying new diets, exercise too much, stressing and worrying about little things that don’t matter…

…when the secret is just to be consistent and stick to the plan.

It’s not easy and it takes time for results to appear, but if you keep following the plan, all of a sudden, you see the results you want.

It’s really inspiring for myself to see members gleam on a shoot day.

I know they will have this new knowledge of getting in shape for life.

Nearly all the results are maintained as they have been taught how to get in shape in the real world, but more importantly – how to sustain it.

In fact, members are so amazed at what they have done, they are now back to doing what they should be doing this week to improve even further.

Pushing as hard as they can up to Christmas so

  1. They don’t undo their hard work
  2. They are ahead for the big January push that everyone flaps at.

The secret that everyone looks for is simple – to just put the work & effort in, stay consistent at doing that and STICK TO THE PLAN.

Let’s smash this week’s nutritional and training target to keep you aiming for the stars.

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