A message to you from my back!


As some of you may have seen in sessions – I’ve injured my back.

To me, it’s quite embarrassing that a trainer injures himself during a weight’s sessions, and didn’t want to show it.

I even had the warning signs of aches and pains.

Yet I added more physical activity (5 a side foot) and kept on lifting heavier.

The inevitable was going to happen…an old spinal injury was agitated and I could barely move.

Its time like this I used to throw in the towel with training and nutrition.

Especially, if like now, my current goal is to add a little bit of size and focus on getting stronger.

With a back injury, it limits you to very few exercise choices, and the exercises are small isolation moves (curls, lat raisers, calves etc). Exercises that won’t assistant that much with gaining strength and size.

Years ago, I would stop training and felt sorry for myself.

This time around I changed the plan and used it as a positive.

I still moved around, went out for an evening meal with drinks and food, went to watch football, rather than moping around at home.

I still went into the gym and did small sat down exercises to get my heart rate up, train the muscle in a different way…but more importantly – keep me positive.

If you ever don’t think you should go to the gym, whether you goal is to get slimmer, leaner, bigger, stronger, fitter – keep training!

Even when you’re not feeling it, injured, busy, not on track with goal time frame – get in the gym!

Because there is one other HUGE benefit.

Gym sessions aren’t just about getting the body shape you want – it’s a way to let off steam, get into your head that you’re doing something positive and leave feeling way better than you did then when you went in!

Box this week off with a gym session and get next week’s sessions planned!

Have an ace weekend



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