Do this for your 2020 body shape goal!

I’m writing this on Sunday 1st December.

What makes me chuckle is everyone saying they “can’t believe its December”

It certainly starting to feel like December with the frost and cold air.

It also means nights draw in early and you don’t feel like going out in it, especially to the gym.

For your 2020 body shape goal – it’s vital that you do.

You must keep your good habits going throughout December.

People still achieve results through December, so there is no reason for you not to.

Have Christmas and Boxing day off, but December needs to be flat out with training hard and consistently.

Whilst doing as well as you can with your nutrition.

Nutrition will never be perfect in December but it can be good.

Aim for single ingredients nutritious foods 80% of the time, & 20% treats when you’re out and about, try not to eat junk food at home.

Sometimes training may feel a bit rubbish, and you will feel like you’ve not had a good workout…but don’t get annoyed – this is very common and totally normal.

I believe that the rubbish training sessions are the best!

It’s more important to train when you don’t feel like doing so….much more important than times when you can’t wait to get in the gym.


These “bad” workouts are the times when your body is most susceptible to change, its forcing the body to adapt.

It keeps you consistent and your yearly training frequency is still high.

Yes, it may be a short crappy workout, and you may not feel as stronger or fit, but it’s much better than skipping it all together.

Dig deep and push hard in December…..

…..and your January will be FAR easier when you are trying to burn off the Christmas week calories.

Have a top week!


Maybe not wise to be eating/buying Christmas advent calendars if you want a great body shape in 2020, why not doing a good deed each day instead rather than pigging out!

Sorry not sorry 🙂

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